Victory Apart From The Scale

“What you focus on is what you will believe and become” -Gwen Alexander

Recently I was feeling discouraged. Sometimes it feels like you work so hard and you are getting nowhere. It’s like the hamster running in the wheel. I was looking through some of my papers and found a list that I usually regularly update but hadn’t looked at in a few months. It’s what I call my “Non-Scale Victories” list. One of the topics I wrote about in my book, Losing Weight to Gain Control, was keeping track of non-scale victories. I started this list two years into my journey of losing 70 pounds. These are things I have accomplished in my life that had nothing to do with the number on the scale going down. There will come a point in your weight loss journey that you will have times you’ll plateau. There may even be times when the scale goes up. The ultimate goal is to lose it and maintain that loss. If you only focus on the number on the scale, what will keep you motivated when it isn’t cooperating with you? Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, you should keep track of victories you’ve had in your life. Here are just a few examples of non-scale victories:

  • You’re wearing a smaller size in clothing then you did a few months ago.

  • You did a 5K or some other type of physical activity you never did or thought of doing before.

  • You were able to pay off a debt.

  • You’ve lost several inches from your body.

  • You took a chance and talked to someone you didn’t know.

  • You invested in yourself and took courses in an area of study you are interested in.

  • You don’t handle stress with food anymore, you have developed better habits of dealing with it.

These are just a few of the types of victories you could write down. After I started reading my list, I realized just how far I had come in my life. My victories weren’t just food or exercise related. Many of them were me finally taking a chance and doing things I was always afraid to do. I realized I needed to stop focusing on the struggles I am having to reaching my goals, and focus on what I have overcome to get to where I am now. This gave me the strength I needed to say, I will keep going no matter what! Start writing down your victory list and read it often. Focus on your past successes to get you ready for your future success.

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