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Everything meaningful in life comes with a risk. It’s true. Sometimes you need to lose something if you want to gain something else.

Something better. Something like Gwen Alexander did.


She lost weight only to gain every last pound back. You can imagine the devastation. Working so hard, only to gain it all back and, in turn, losing everything she fought so hard to attain.


Gwen doesn’t want this to happen to you. She wants you to lose weight and keep the weight off, feeling more confident than ever. She wants to help you discover a plan that you can follow for the rest of your life. Something just right for you. Yes, you will need to stick to a plan, but this book makes it manageable and worth the gain of something better. A new you!


Losing Weight to Gain Control®-Loving Your Weight Maintenance Journey

  • The product will be delivered in a link for you to download.  It will be in a PDF format.  

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