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Take A Risk

How do you feel when I say the word risk? Do you get scared? Does something come to your mind you want to try but think it’ll never work? One of things I have learned on my weight loss journey was I had to take a risk. I had to risk I may fail once again at losing the weight. I am fail at keeping it off this time. I had to take a risk and start reaching out to people that had done what I was attempting to do. I reached out to others who dealt with emotional eating or had lost a lot of weight. What if they didn’t want to talk to me? I would look so foolish. What about the risk I took and started attending events where I didn’t know anyone? What if I got there and no one wanted to talk to me? What about taking the risk of learning what it is that is holding you back from accomplishing your goals? Losing weight is more than about the food and how much exercise you get. It’s about learning to combat the negative self-talk. It’s about learning how to cook new foods. The weight loss process is about learning to take control of your life as you take control of your eating habits.

I used the extra pounds I had to keep people away from me. I know now, I thought if I could keep them away, I wouldn’t get hurt emotionally. I have taken the risk and opened myself up to people. Yes, I did get hurt and rejected sometimes. Each time I rebounded from the hurt a little quicker. But I have also made some awesome friends with people that have encouraged me to try things I never thought I could do. I took the risk and am so glad I did.

What is it you are afraid of risking? Are you afraid of trying to lose weight again? Are you afraid if it doesn’t work this time, you will be ridiculed by friends and family? I’ve tried and failed several times. One thing I have learned about successful weight loss maintainers is, they learned from past failures and regrouped and tried again. Take a risk for once in your life. You may find what you were scared of, wasn’t so scary after all.

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