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David vs. Goliath-The Battle In The Mind

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

A painting of David fighting Goliath
The battle is in your mind

The story of David vs. Goliath is found in the bible in the Old Testament. Even if you’re not a Christian, you are probably familiar with the David vs. Goliath metaphor. It pretty much refers to anyone facing a circumstance that seems impossible for them to win. David was a young man and Goliath was a giant. David knew he could beat Goliath. He even told the people around him to give him a chance and he could beat this giant. David’s brother’s heard him talk big and asked him, who do you think you are? Then King Saul heard about David saying he could beat the giant. David was summoned before the king. King Saul told David, you do realize Goliath has been fighting since his youth? He was trying to let David know Goliath had more experience than he did. David didn’t let that deter him from believing he could defeat Goliath. Finally, Saul said, if you must fight him, here is some armor to protect you. David refused the armor because he had not tested it. He didn’t know how it would perform in a battle. Then when he went to face Goliath, the giant even taunted him and cursed him. Goliath was probably offended that this young boy was coming to fight him, he didn’t think of David as a worthy opponent.

David could have let the fact his brothers didn’t believe in him make him start thinking, maybe I shouldn’t think I could beat the giant. I should give up and go home. David could have let the fact King Saul didn’t believe in him to say in his mind, the king is trying to tell me how much better a fighter Goliath is. He could have given up then. He didn’t let that deter him from believing he could defeat the giant. Then came the ultimate battle of the mind, the giant Goliath himself taunts David to get him to quit and back down. David is determined and doesn’t let even the giant change his thinking.

David knew from past experience what he was capable of accomplishing. He didn’t let the lack of support stop him from defeating Goliath. He didn’t let the negativity stop him from knowing he COULD and WOULD defeat Goliath. Do you have a Goliath in your life that family, friends and well-meaning people tell you don’t bother fighting? Do like David, look at your past victories and build strength from knowing what others don’t see in you- that you will do whatever it takes to win the battle, especially the battle in your mind.

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