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Eating fruits and vegetables are a healthier option than eating cookies and potato chips. Exercising on a regular basis helps not only with weight loss but with boosting your mood. This is information you know but why do you choose to eat the cookies and chips and don’t exercise regularly? The reason is your mind wants to take the easy route and eat the cookies and chips and not exercise. Mastering your mind is the key to long term weight loss. When you take control of your mind, then you begin to consciously make decisions to eat healthier foods and do the exercises that help you be your best. “In Losing Weight to Gain Control-Mastering Your Mind for Weight Loss,” Gwen shares steps she took to master her mind in her eating and exercise habits. Topics covered are:

How to identify and make positive changes to your eating and exercise habits.
Getting the root of why you want to lose the weight.
Identifying your unique challenges that could derail your plan.
Identifying and dealing with the invisible weight that you carry.

This book is to help you simplify the process of mastering your mind for weight loss and creating a life you don’t use food to escape from.

Losing Weight to Gain Control®- Mastering Your Mind for weight Loss

  • This is a digital product.  The format is a PDF. 

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