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Quit Quitting

I can’t get motivated.

It’s too hard.

It’ll take too long.

I have no support.

I’m in a Facebook group that encourages people to take action toward accomplishing their goals. One day the person in charge of the group posted a question. That question was “What advice would you give the person you were 5 years ago?” What advice would I give myself in 2011? My response was, that thing you are wanting to do, start doing it NOW. December of 2011 is when I decided to lose the weight for good this time. I had started and stopped so many times before, I could have been further along if I had quit quitting. I could have been further along on my goal if I stopped saying it was too hard or it would take too long to lose the weight.

I would have told myself to start writing that book that you have in you. My book Losing Weight to Gain Control-Loving Your Weight Maintenance Journey was published December 2014. Just think if I stopped making excuses of why I couldn’t write it or get it published. My second book could be out already!

I would have told myself to take risks and quit being scared of failing. Even if what you were doing, didn’t work out, so what. At least you tried. You didn’t fail because you learned new skills and accomplished more then you thought you could.

What is it you are trying to get motivated to do? Is it to lose weight, to start a business, to write a book, to get out of debt? You will never be motivated to start. If you are waiting for the perfect conditions to happen before you take steps toward your goals, you will never start. The conditions will never be perfect.

What do you do if you’ll never feel motivated to start? How do you get from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the stairs? One step at a time. If your goal is to lose weight, pick one habit to change each week. Substitute a candy bar with eating some fruit for a week. Then pick another habit to add. If you want to write a book, write one paragraph a day. If that’s too much write one paragraph a week. If you want to start a business, take the first step and research how others started the same business. Then choose one thing they did and start doing it. You don’t have to have the “how” figured out before you start. Five years from today’s date will be February 22, 2021. Where do you want to be? Start now!

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