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Get Rid of the Dead Weight to Lose Weight

I’m not a person that likes to do yard work. I love to admire beautiful plants and landscaping; I just don’t want to have to be the one to take care of it! I told my neighbor that helped me plant a few flowers my requirements for the plants I wanted. I didn’t want any plants I had to water regularly or have to trim them. They have to be able to make it on their own pretty much. Well, It’s finally starting to get warm and I noticed that one of my flowers looked like it was dead. I figured it wouldn’t grow anymore. I did see under the dead part of the plant were little patches of green. I did go and cut all the dead parts off. I was about to pull the plant from the ground and I decided not to. A new part of the plant started to grow under the dead part. It looked nice and I figured it wouldn’t get any larger than it was. Three days later, the plant had almost doubled in size. I stood there in amazement. I thought it wouldn’t get any larger than it was the day I cut off the dead parts. The little green flower underneath was able to grow once the dead weight was cut off.

Your life and my life are like my plant. We all have dead weight in our lives. We spend so much time trying not to think about that dead weight or deal with it, we are dying inside. Sometimes what is dead weight now was once something we needed in our lives. Some examples of dead weight are

  • Relationships that we need to let go of.

  • Habits or addictions that we don’t have control of.

  • Holding on to negative beliefs about ourselves.

  • Watching too much television or using social media to numb your feelings.

  • Not dealing with negative circumstances that happened to you in the past or even the present.

Just like I had to pull the dead weight off of the plants, we have to do the same things in our lives. You have to take the time to look at your life. You have to ask yourself if there are any people you need to let go of. You have to start getting rid of habits that keep you from reaching your goals. If losing weight is your goal, you have to start a plan that helps you begin identifying any emotional eating habits and how to handle them. You have to start treating yourself with respect. Stop being so negative about yourself. Watching television and being on social media is not a bad thing, but when you use it to numb yourself from life, it’s not good. Why not take a break for a while and get out and meet people in person? If you have things that have happened to you in your life that are hard to deal with, seek professional help. It could be from a trusted friend, a member of the clergy or a doctor that specializes in helping people deal with traumatic events. When you start dealing with the past and present hurts, it frees you to start enjoying life.

Every day I go outside I take a look at how my plant is doing. It’s still growing and soon it will have flowers on it. I’m glad I pulled off the dead parts and didn’t pull it up. When you deal with your dead weight, you’ll be glad you took the time to make the conditions for you to grow and produce flowers!

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