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Losing Weight to Gain Control

Loving Your Weight Maintenance Journey

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Everything meaningful in life comes with a risk. It’s true. Sometimes you need to lose something if you want to gain something else.

Something better. Something like Gwen Alexander did.


She lost weight only to gain every last pound back. You can imagine the devastation. Working so hard, only to gain it all back and, in turn, losing everything she fought so hard to attain.


Gwen doesn’t want this to happen to you. She wants you to lose weight and keep the weight off, feeling more confident than ever. She wants to help you discover a plan that you can follow for the rest of your life. Something just right for you. Yes, you will need to stick to a plan, but this book makes it manageable and worth the gain of something better. A new you!

Losing Weight to Gain Control
Believe & Achieve Journal


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"If you aren't preparing for the success you say you want, then you don't believe you will achieve your goals." -Gwen Alexander

Gwen Alexander is the author of the book Losing Weight to Gain Control-Loving Your Weight Maintenance Journey."  It's the account of how Gwen lost 70 pounds and what she does to maintain that loss. The Believe & Achieve Journal is the perfect companion to her book.  Even if you don't have the book, the journal can still help you with reaching your weight loss and life goals. 

Gwen learned on her weight loss journey to be successful at weight loss and life, you must have a plan.  The Believe & Achieve Journal will help you….

·         Break down your goals into manageable steps.

·         Give you four key questions to ask yourself during each phase to stay focused.

·         Help you preplan your plan.

·         Track your progress and guide you to adjust as needed.


As a Pro-Bonus, Gwen has included parts of Step 1 of her Losing Weight to Gain Control Maintenance Mindset Program (Digital Copy Only) .  Start taking the steps to create a life you don’t have to use food to escape from! 


Disclaimer: The information in this program is not meant to be used, nor should it be used, to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  The creator of this program is not a medical doctor, nurse or health professional.  Please seek the advice from your doctor, nurse or medical professional before beginning any weight loss or exercise program.  Following the program does not guarantee the same results the creator of the program obtained or others that have followed this program.  You will have to put in the time and effort to accomplish your own weight loss results. You will be glad you invested the time and effort into yourself.

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Losing Weight to Gain Control

Food Journal

When embarking on your weight loss journey, food and physical activity are important items to focus on.  The first action to take when beginning a journey is to plan how you will get to your destination. The Losing Weight to Gain Control Food Journal is a way to help you plan your weight loss journey and reach your destination of weight maintenance. The information that you will track are the following:

  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner

  • Calories, fat and carbohydrates

  • Physical activity and the duration of that activity

  • A section to write your personal motivational quote of the day

  • A section to write your thoughts on your progress

Get ready to plan your weight loss journey and

reach your destination of weight maintenance. 

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